Missing my mom….

I am missing my mom. It will be one year since her death this March 16th. It does not seem possible a year has almost passed. I am helping my dad with his taxes and as a result there are many reminders of a year ago and how much she was suffering during that time.

This time last year we met many angels. My mom went to a hospice, High Point Hospice in Haverhill MA. The staff at the hospice were wonderful. They not only took care of my mom, they also took care of my dad and me. We had three special weeks with her. My dad was able to spend time with her in a quiet setting and in a beautiful room.

All her needs were met and for one week she rallied a little bit. She had a craving for steak and a salad! And wanted to arrange for a new set of dentures when she went home. I am smiling and crying at the same time conjuring up these memories. I thought I knew her well but she surprised me. I learned she loved women’s basketball and the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” I forgot she played basketball in high school.

When my grandmother passed, I had the honor of being with my mom when her mother took her last breath. I also had the honor of being there my mom. They both passed peacefully. My mom missed her mom and would share that with me.

I believe that the cardinal birds represent my loved ones. They were visiting me this time last year at my feeders and have returned this year, only there are more of them. Perhaps it is the time of year with spring approaching, but I think there is more to it. There are numerous articles and poems about the cardinal and loved ones. They are reminding me of the love she, her mom and siblings had for me and my family. I am smiling, crying and comforted knowing my loved ones are at peace

Hartfelt wishes that you too see cardinals when in need

4 thoughts on “Missing my mom….

  1. Jamie, she was such a lovely woman. Her love for her children and husband seemed limitless. My mother loved how wonderful she was to her little brother. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.💓


  2. Hi Jamie! How great that you’ve been able to tie something beautiful to such a painful time in your life. Losing our moms is never an easy experience. May the cardinals continue to be abundant in your life exactly when you need them most. ~Kathy


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