Spring forward

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is daylight savings. We have sprung forward, changed our clocks +1 hour. I have always lived in New England and we spring forward and fall back every year. I admit I get a touch of seasonal depression in the winter. I look forward to daylight savings time. I look forward to the eventual warming up of the weather. I look forward to the grass greening up, daffodils and tulips, the buds on the trees and the return of birds to my feeders.

Not everyone looks forward to it! “We are going to loose an hour of sleep!” “It is dark when we get up.” “I lost an hour of time.”

There are many discussions on whether or not it is necessary to continue with it. There’s still many benefits to daylight savings time . I personally find it more difficult to figure out what state and country observes it or not. Early in my career and working for a global company we were challenged by the differing dates it was observed. There were meetings I either attended an hour early or missed the start time. Today we have applications that can quickly tell us what time it is in any location compared to your own.

As I write this it is snowing outside! Last weekend it would have bothered me more! A simple modification of the clocks to observe DLST and I don’t care that snow is accumulating outside my window. And the birds don’t care either. This morning I have bluebirds, cardinals and robins at my feeders and bird bath. A red winged black bird took a bath in the heated water!

So I too will spring forward! I look forward to what the spring will bring me.

Hartfelt wishes that you too look forward to spring (with or without DLST)

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