Struggling with the term “retired”

I am struggling with the term retired. The on-line dictionaries define the adjective retired as “left one’s job and cease to work.”  I prefer “having concluded one’s working or professional career.” Even that does not suit me perfectly.

I tried the thesaurus and that only served to make matters worse with words such as “aged, gone, removed, finished….”

I left my cooperate job January 4th after 33+ years of service.  I was ready to leave the full-time workforce.  Ed retired 4 years ago.  I was finding it difficult on beautiful days when he wanted me to take the day off to tell him I could not.  Last spring we decided it was possible for me to leave my job earlier than I had originally planned.  I will be 59 this April. Investments over my lifetime have allowed me this opportunity.  Before starting my first job after college, someone advised me to immediately invest from my paycheck automatically and increase it with every pay raise.  I am glad I listened to that advice.  I offer that advice to college graduates when I have an opportunity. 

I am not “finished”! I may be “gone” from a cooperate office but I am active and working on several goals. Goals that I did not have time to devote previously.  

One of the goals is writing.  I started this blog almost 2 years ago. At that time I expected to publish once a month. Well that did not happen. Life got in the way.  My priority was to take care of my ailing mom, assist my father and family with their needs.  I don’t regret one minute of the time I devote to them.  However, I neglected myself as well as Ed. I was not able to post to my blog often. That all changes now. 

I have not stopped working. It is just different work. I have time to join Ed and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I am volunteering with two organizations that are very important to me. I continue to lead a non-profit charity in our community. I am back to quilting and reading, bird-watching and photography. I am planning my vegetable garden.

I am happy with the change. I have no regrets. 

Hartfelt wishes to all…I look forward to sharing more often

4 thoughts on “Struggling with the term “retired”

  1. Jamie you and Ed deserve down time together. You and Ed both worked very hard. Being there for you family was top priority for both of you. I am glad you have this time. I will be joining you, but not for at least another year.


    1. Thank you! I have to be careful that I don’t fill up all my time with appointments, etc…I blocked off Fridays in my calendar….no appointments, no volunteer assignments! When it is late spring I will increase the days blocked off.

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