I miss the person my loved one once was

My loved one with dementia is my sister. We were not the best of friends despite being only two years apart in age. Growing up we fought like many siblings do. Our parents could not understand why we did not get along. They tried to encourage our friendship which only served to ignite more fighting. … Continue reading I miss the person my loved one once was

I am a social creature

Over the past five months I have learned more about myself, my likes and dislikes. This was not an intentional analysis. Rather the result of COVID19 protocols. I learned I am a very social creature. I do not do well sheltering at home in an effort to keep myself, my husband, father and sister safe. … Continue reading I am a social creature

It’s summer and I am remembering from childhood…

Our summer has just started officially. It is a little past 5:43pm Eastern Standard time which is the summer solstice on June 20, 2020. I decided to make this year's event memorable even if I celebrate quietly. I can't remember the last time I paid to attention to the actual time of the summer solstice. … Continue reading It’s summer and I am remembering from childhood…

Struggling with the term “retired”

I am struggling with the term retired. The on-line dictionaries define the adjective retired as “left one’s job and cease to work.”  I prefer “having concluded one's working or professional career.” Even that does not suit me perfectly. I tried the thesaurus and that only served to make matters worse with words such as “aged, gone, … Continue reading Struggling with the term “retired”