Fortune Telling

I have been fortune telling lately. And I am not good at it.

In fact I am batting zero as it relates to my loved one with dementia.

I have envisioned the worse possible outcome and it has not happen.

As a result I have felt emotions especially guilt and fear.

The circumstances are neutral. My thoughts on the circumstance are optional.

If I choose to think the worse, I feel fear and for me fear causes inaction.

I buffer with thoughts on all the possible outcomes that can go wrong.

I remain inactive. I don’t try anything.

My thoughts compound and as a result I convince myself that there will be a negative outcome.

But it does not happen!

It leaves me exhausted.

Caregiving is exhausting itself. I don’t need to add to it!

You would think I would learn!

HartFelt wishes that you recognize when you are fortune telling and let those thoughts go, they are not productive thoughts.

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