Anticipatory grief

I have not been motivated to post a blog.

I feel stuck.

I am thinking that I can’t do anything more than I am already doing.

My life is already complicated.

Sadly I am now managing my dad’s end of life care. God willing he will turn 92 years old in a few days. He is tired, both physically and mentally. We agree to honor his wishes and let him rest peacefully until he transitions. He is safe and well cared until then.

This was expected but does not make it easy. I will miss him but honored to have cared for him these past three years after my mom died.

My loved one with dementia is processing his pending death differently. No apparent grief. Little emotion. Matter of fact comments.

Is there a part of her that is hurting but can’t express it?

Or is this a blessing of her disease?

To not feel the pain of a loved one’s pending death.

To not feel the pain of our mother’s death. Or friend’s that have died from Covid or natural causes

For those who have cared for or are caring now, has your loved one expressed grief? Or are they blessed with a gift that is helping them deal with loss?

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