Mother’s Day 2021

I came across this photo. It is an Easter photo of my mom, grandmother and aunt in our Easter finest (must be headed to church given we are wearing hats). It has made me smile this Mother’s Day. The women in the photo were and are my role models. Amazing women they were and I decided to share a few thoughts….

To my mom, who I miss every day since she passed:


You and I were so much alike that for many years we grew apart only to be best friends when we needed one another. I am so grateful in the last years that we became traveling companions (surprised the both of us that we could pull it off). You were strong yet sensitive with a sense of humor that would surprise friends and family. You were hard working and passionate about serving others. All attributes I try my best to emulate. It was an honor to care for you and be there when you transitioned. I miss you.

To my maternal grandmother:


It is not surprising that if my mom was very much like you, that I too am like you. I loved visiting alone and spending time with you. I learned so much from watching and listening to you. You too were hard working and so very talented. My love for all things handmade, whether that be crafts or food is from you. When it was your time to leave this world I was honored to be there with you and to be able to help mom. She missed you everyday. I watched her and understood that when it was my time to mourn, I would be Ok. And I am.

To my aunt:

Aunt Chris,

Life did not grant you children of your own but you were loved as such. You were so classy! So stylish! And your love for me and my siblings was enormous. You made me feel special. Your home was so inviting. It was an honor when you passed to help my mom manage the sale of your home to a family who would love the home as you did.

I end her with a note about the remaining figure in my photo and that of my younger sister. Dementia has stolen her ability to keep short term memories but the long term still remains. I enjoy hearing her versions of the same events. Almost 2 years apart to the day, we too are alike in so many ways but different enough to have unique versions of our memories. Today I will be spending time with her and given it’s Mother’s Day it will be fun to share them!

Oh, and if you look closely you can figure out who in the photo is my mother. She was a beautiful seamstress and every Easter we had a knew outfit and sometimes a new coat. And sometimes my sister, mom and I matched.

Can you figure it out?

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