Transformation is like watching a seed grow

As a caregiver I have found myself putting my needs low on my priority list. This is very common for caregivers. But I expect many of us have found ourselves in this position even if you are not caregiving.

As a result of not taking consistent care of my needs, I am finding it harder to manage care for others. I am dealing with bouts of fatigue. I procrastinate and buffer with non healthy methods of coping.

I decided my word for the new year would be self-care. Late last year I hired myself a coach. We are currently meeting once a week.

I am having thoughts that I should of known better. These thoughts are not serving me.

I did not get this way overnight and I can’t expect to be fixed overnight.

I am choosing not to let the past define me today or tomorrow.

I am transforming with the help of patience and coaching.

I like the analogy of a seed. Once planted it needs to be nurtured. First, it has to push out of the material it is planted in (my past). It needs the right amount of light, warmth and nutrients to do so. It needs those materials for its life. It is tiny to begin with. It may struggle to get completely out of the ground. When it does it springs up. Yet it is vulnerable and will be so for sometime.

With continued nurturing it develops its first leaves. Often those are temporary, serving the plant until it grows larger and can grow more leaves. The leaves and stem are its foundation. Some plants will not have flowers for several years, not until it has established itself and built a solid foundation.

But when those flowers bloom they are able to withstand the weather and intermittent lack of water and nutrients.

My transformation is like the plant. I have to take care so I can be the best version of myself and for my loved ones.

HartFelt wishes that all caregivers are taking care of themselves for their loved ones.

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