New Years is just a day

We did not celebrate a new year. I have in past years but Covid19 is escalating and the right decision was to stay home. We quietly observed with no fanfare the date move from year 2020 to 2021 .

There is no change for me as it relates to caregiving. My goal remains the same and that is to provide the needed care that keeps my loved on safe.

A very wise women who mentored me in my mid 30s told me when I was having a particularly bad start to my day, “You can start your day over”. I have used that advice countless times and have shared it with others. On many occasions I have started my day over several times in the same day!

It works for me. It is a mental not physical start for me. It allows me to pause in the midst of chaos and create calmness. There is something about a new day that brings hope and a fresh start to an existing problem.

You don’t have to wait to the next morning! Start over right now.

This works for the start of a new day, so why not a new year?

I do not have to wait until Jan 1st 2022.

I have been procrastinating on several long term caregiving tasks. My loved one with dementia’s assets will not last much longer. I have been managing the urgent tasks and “firefighting” emergencies with ease. OK, easy they are not but I am best when dealing with urgencies.

The long term planning was on my 2020 list of tasks and remains on my 2021 list. Most are started but not followed through. I do not want to wait until they become urgent. Firefighting is exhausting.

So my calendar year has started today. I created and prioritized the planning tasks and have committed to seeing them through before they become urgent.

HartFelt wishes that your days starts well and if not, try starting it over.

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