Christmas, Covid19 and assisted living

Covid19 cases are escalating, they are spiraling out of control and it is Christmas

My loved one is in an assisted living facility that has shut down all visits.

Residents can leave for medical appointments only.

My loved one is staying in her tiny, studio appartment.

Alone with the exception of meals and medication management.

Today I am dropping off gifts to her from the family. I can only leave them at the front desk. I cannot see her.

Tomorrow my dad and I will video call and watch her open the gifts.

Last year we were all in my living room enjoying dessert after our holiday meal and taking our time opening gifts.

This year it will be different.

There will be no hugs, just virtual ones.

Dementia has a surprising gift. Often she does not remember the day before conversations in any detail. When I ask my loved one how she is doing, she is accepting of the situation.

I am not so accepting. I am angry. I am angry at the virus being reintroduced into the assisted living home.

I could continue with this but rather focus on something positive.

I am going to start wrapping my loved one’s gifts so I can drop them off this morning

HartFelt wishes that you are able to hug your loved ones and if not that you can send a virtual hug.

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