My attitude

My “plate is full”.

It is bigger than a plate.

It is a turkey platter and sometimes a rolling cart.

This week the rolling cart is full and has a bad wheel.

That bad wheel is my attitude.

My thoughts are driving my attitude and I am very annoyed.

There was an event earlier this week that required my intervention.

It normally is managed by a phone call.

Not this time.

It required me getting into my car and driving to an office.

It required me going into the office.

I am trying to keep my family safe from Covid19 infections.

I wore a mask and so did the office staff.

I resolved the issue, an issue that normally is managed with phone calls.

But we are not in normal times.

As long as I think “they should have picked up the phone, they should have called me back, they should have…… I will continue to be angry

I will not change the circumstances.

These are not normal times.

Changing my thoughts, improves my attitude and fixes that bad wheel

It is easier to manage my “rolling cart” when all my wheels work.

HartFelt wishes that your rolling cart has four working wheels.

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