Comfortable with Uncertainty

I have been reading “Comfortable with Uncertainty” by Pema Chodron. I am actually going through it a 2nd time and probably will do so again and again. For me it is a book of daily reads. I love books and have purchased many daily reads in my lifetime. It has been a long time since I found a daily read that if I don’t make time for it, I miss it.

I am doing my best to be comfortable with uncertainty. I can never truly know what will happen next to me or my loved ones. I can plan, control and try to predict in an effort to eliminate uncertainty. As Pema Chodron writes: “We can never avoid uncertainty. This ‘not knowing’ is part of the adventure. It’s also what makes us afraid.”

I don’t want to live and die in fear so I work on being comfortable with uncertainty.

Some days are easier than others.

It is a work in progress!

It is part of the adventure!

HartFelt wishes that you are comfortable with uncertainty and enjoying the adventure.

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