Lucy has a good home

Before her diagnosis my loved one with dementia got herself a puppy. This was before my involvement as caregiver.

My dad knew she could not take care of the dog. The day it was brought home he suggested the puppy stay with him for a short time.

That puppy is now 8 years old and never left his home.

Today my dad is 91 years old. He is a stubborn Yankee Irishman. Since he was a widowed I have been his caregiver. He rarely asks for help.

So I care for my younger sister with early onset dementia and I take care of my father with a body that is failing him.

My dad asked for help! He asked me to find a home for a dog he considers my sister’s and was only going to stay with a short time. He is concerned he will mistakenly let her loose. I forgot a detail, she is a Jack Russell terrier and runs faster than the speed of light.

I called the state’s chapter of the Jack Russell rescue organization. She is easily placed but I could not do it. My husband and I discussed the situation and decided to adopt her ourselves.

She moved in last week and it is going well. Her name is Lucy and she has decided to adopt me. She follows me everywhere and visits my father with me. When the time is right I will arrange a visit between Lucy and my sister. Covid protocols are hampering that plan.

Lucy still runs faster than the speed of light!

HartFelt wishes that your loved one’s loved ones find a loving home like our Lucy.

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