When stuck I find action of any kind helps

Currently I have a lot on my plate. In fact my plate is a turkey platter, some days it is a rolling cart with a bad wheel.

I am also a perfectionist and for a caregiver that can cause my challenges to seem insurmountable.

I try to juggle everything and I am bad at juggling. Really! I can’t juggle, nor can I throw a ball with any accuracy. I remember my dad saying “you throw like a girl”. My logical brain said “well of course I do, I am a girl”. I would look at my dad quizzically and think that is not helping. But I digress, back to juggling and a lot on my plate.

I learned when I stay stuck too long I wallow in self pity. I find action is my relief. Often the tiniest of effort will generate more and get me unstuck.

Now I am reminded of the riddle of “How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Who came up with that? I understand our early ancestors had a need to hunt elephant but really a joke about it? Ok, I digress again.

The point is that when I am stuck, I can create momentum by doing something, anything.

HartFelt wishes that if you are stuck that you remember to try something, anything in an effort to create momentum.

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