I can only have one priority

I really have an issue with the term priorities. By definition priority is the single item that is more important than others. How did we manage to make a plural out of this?

Not until the 1900s did we start to use the word in its plural. And use it we did and still do. We cannot have multiple single priority at the same time. When we have multiple priorities, then no single item is of importance.

I believe this goes hand in hand with multitasking. We cannot multitask. We are switching albeit sometime so fast we cannot see it, but we are switching between tasks. There was a time my job description and performance reviews required and awarded multitasking. When I left the corporate world we were no longer encouraging multitasking. Employees in mid and latter year careers accustomed to being rewarded for multitasking, struggled with the change (myself included).

I am encouraged with the movement to mitigate multitasking from our jobs and lives. Many schools and businesses are focusing on mindfulness, doing one task at a time. I have not observed the same with priorities.

A list of things to do that are important is not the same as priorities. Only one thing on that list can be the priority. And the priority can change.

This week I had a discussion with my coach and was asked “what are my priorities?” It led to a discussion on the utilization of the term priorities in our personal and business lives and its impact.

We decided that the question is “what is important to me and what is my priority?” Then why?

Taking care of myself is my priority. So I can be the best caregiver for my family.

HartFelt wishes that we are striving to be the best possible version of yourself.

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