I found a “silver lining” to our shelter at home for Covid-19

I am counting my blessings no matter how I find them.

I am my loved one with dementia’s guardian and health care advocate. I attend all medical appointments and her care is coordinated with me. There are several health issues that have been monitored by blood tests; glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol etc. Her doctors expressed concern about her weight and food choices. We tried working with a nutritionist. Memory and executive functioning issues resulted in no progress. Poor food choices and snacking continued. Blood tests continued to show concern. Enough to add more medication to her protocol.

My loved one lives at an assisted living facility. All residents were sequestered in March to her room in an effort to mitigate the virus spreading. All meals were delivered to daily and could not order off the menu. She had limited access to her favorite junk food and drinks because they could not leave their rooms. I could only deliver occasional treats and would include fruits and better choices.

And the “silver lining”?

She had blood tests this week and the results are amazing! Triglycerides were cut in half! Cholesterol almost within normal range! And the list goes on! Diet is the culprit.

I know I have a challenge again because the dining room is open and she is ordering off the menu. She has rights as a resident and we can only suggest and try to guide her to better food choices. But maybe a little of this will be retained. I can only hope. For now I am counting the victory.

HartFelt wishes you and your loved ones can find a “silver lining” in this new world.

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