Sunburned? Maybe tea will help……

It is amazing how the brain manages memories. My loved one with dementia is impacted with very poor short term memory. Some parts of a new event, a thought, a discussion etc. may be stored. Sometimes not at all. Often times missing parts are confabulated and they are very real to her.

Her long term memories are much more intact. I was reminded about that this week when I told her I had a sunburn. We discussed what I could do to manage it. We discussed the merits of ibuprofen, aspirin, aloe and tea bags.

Yes, tea bags. My mom would steep tea bags, let them cool and apply them to our sunburns. I forgot all about that. (The reminder made me happy and a bit sad because I miss my mom. She has been gone two years now.)

My loved one could remember specific events when the tea bag treatment was used. She may not remember our conversation about this week’s sunburn but should she get a sunburn herself, she may very well use tea bags.

Note: not sure there is any merit to tea bag treatment of sunburns, nor recommending it…I will try to do some research and report back

HartFelt wishes your loved one’s memories conjure up a happy time for you!

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