It’s summer and I am remembering from childhood…

Our summer has just started officially. It is a little past 5:43pm Eastern Standard time which is the summer solstice on June 20, 2020. I decided to make this year’s event memorable even if I celebrate quietly.

I can’t remember the last time I paid to attention to the actual time of the summer solstice. Perhaps I have never done so. Just thought it was simply another day. Actually I am guilty of thinking “now the days will get shorter”.

I’m outside on my deck. It is 90 degrees F. Too hot for some but I enjoy the warmth. It feels good to me both physically and mentally. I have good memories of summer. Rather I have good feelings of summer. I remember the feelings more than the actual events.

I remember no air conditioning in the house. We cooled the house with a single fan that blew air out the kitchen window creating circulation that made our small ranch home bearable. During times we had several oppressive days of heat we stayed in the cellar that was partially finished. It could be 100 degrees but we comfortable in the cellar. No need for air conditioning.

I remember taking summer naps in the bedroom I shared with my sister. The sun would stream into the small window. If I stayed perfectly still the heat did not bother me. I’d quickly doze off. I remember feeling fuzzy but peaceful when I woke from the summer naps.

I remember the summer storms. Something about a summer thunderstorm conjures up excitement. I would count the seconds between the lightning and its subsequent thunder my heart pounding in anticipation of the sound and vibration.

I remember waiting for my dad’s vacation time to start. We would go to the beach and then later to a camp on Lake Winnepasaukee. It would feel like an eternity before we left and then go by in an instant.

I remember wondering what projects my mom had dreamt up for us to keep us occupied during summer vacation from grade school. She also taught swimming at several camps allowing us to attend. I thrived during my times at summer camps.

When I think of those summers, I can’t help to smile and feel good. Just like I feel right now sitting out on my deck enjoying this summer solstice.

Hartfelt wishes that you enjoy your summer and create fond memories

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