“Deck visits”

I am caregiving for a loved one in an assisted living facility that is six miles away. Despite the nearness, the Covid19 protocol for long term facilities has excluded visits. I have not seen her face to face since late February.

That was until today. I was able to spend 20 minutes with her outside. She sat on a deck and I stood behind a rope, at least 6 feet of social distancing.

It was bitter sweet for me. When I arrived home I had a text from her thanking me for a lovely time. I enjoyed our time together too. Yet I am sad it was for only 20 minutes. I am already waiting for the next opportunity for a “deck visit”. By tomorrow she will likely forget we met and forget there will be a next time. Tomorrow I will be impatient and anxiously waiting for the meeting.

I would not wish short term memory loss for anyone. But who is benefitting right now during our Covid19 pandemic? My loved one. She will wake tomorrow and not remember there will be another visit. Her anxiety will be around what is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If only that were the case for all of us.

HartFelt wishes that your loved ones are safe and you do not have to wait for a “deck visit”.

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