Hurry up and wait….

My loved one living at an assisted living had to be tested for the Covid19 virus. Testing was arranged, I hurried to get all the needed permissions for the Primary Care office and then we waited. We waited 5 days to hear results. The test was negative.

Years ago I had a biopsy. A routine exam resulted in a suspect mass, the surgeon’s waiting room backed up to hurry the test and then I had to wait for results. I waited 2 days and only that long because I was traveling for business and wanted to be home. The test was positive, I had cancer. That was 14 years ago. Every year I have a mammogram and I have to wait. I remain cancer free today.

A few years after my own diagnosis, my mom’s lung showed a mass. Her medical team hurried and ordered a biopsy. It was performed and then we waited. A day later we learned it was positive. She beat lung cancer.

Why is it bothering me that my love one in assisted living had to wait 5 days for Covid19 test results? I have lived through “hurry up and wait” countless times.

It bothers me because as we waited for test results residents were continuing to be hospitalized and some have since died. The virus is particularly cruel in nursing and assisted living facilities. Had this been a cancer concern, we would have learned in a day (given my experience).

My loved one lost a friend and fellow resident today. Perhaps the outcome would not have been any different if the testing was instant or even one-day results. Given the vulnerability of this demographic, don’t they deserve to be treated with a sense of urgency?

HartFelt wishes you and your loved ones do not have to “hurry up and wait”.

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