Alone in a room full of people

Have you ever felt alone despite being in a room full of people? Although I have not recently experienced that, I have in my past. As we enter our sixth week of “stay at home” protocol, I am finding the Covid-19 virus has entered my circle of family and friends. It does not surprise me rather saddens me. I am now one to two degree of separation from Covid-19 patients and recent deaths.

Those with Covid-19 requiring hospitalization are not able to have their loved ones with them. They are dying with only the hospital personnel around them. No hospice that I was able to provide my mother in her last days. No loved ones to be with you and to comfort you. Alone in a room full of people….

When was the last time Covid-19 patients and loved ones were able to express love with a hug or other offer of affection? I have a loved one (my 91 year old dad) I can see but not hug. We have not hugged for months. I have a loved one I can only visit via a phone app because she lives in assisted living with no visitors allowed. I do not know when we will be able to hug again.

I am not from a hugging type of family and we are very awkward doing so. It probably is humorous to watch us but we do our best, sort of a hug combined with an air kiss and a pat on the back.

But it works for us. Had I known that to keep myself and loved ones safe, a physical sign of love and affection would be hands off, I would have taken every advantage to do so and to hold them despite its awkwardness.

God willing I will be given the chance to do so again.

HartFelt wishes that we all are able to hug once again and that the days of being alone in a room full of people are over soon.

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