A new normal

A quick search on “new normal” and you will find numerous discussions. I think it is best described as “a previously unusual occurrence that has become commonplace”.

In my lifetime the phrase has been used: after 9/11 to describe the security changes exemplified with travel restrictions; loss of job security as manufacturing moved to low cost countries; financial security after market crashes. Now we have social distancing (and strategic shopping).

I have used it personally to describe my life after going through breast cancer treatment and after the loss of my mother.

The common theme is not only change, but loss.

Why does it have to be all negative? As I reflect on the current world situation and how it personally impacts me, I can also see hope and positivity. The “new normal” has made me more aware of my surroundings, neighbors are saying hello and offering help. I am more charitable. I spend more time at home yet more engaged than ever with friends and family. I am calling my father twice a day, to say hello and to say goodnight.

I want these changes to become the “new normal” and not be a temporary change because of the current crisis. I will do my best to make sure they are.

HartFelt wishes for positive “new normals” for everyone

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