If you are looking for good news…

I originally published this in 2019 long before we heard the term Covid. Long before the world pandemic. Long before the presidential election. I since started watching the news again. Perhaps I need to stop again. The “Good Stuff” continues to be a bright spot in my email box! If you are looking for some good news, check it out.

Several years ago I intentionally stopped watching news on television and stopped my newspaper subscription. I found the focus primarily on what is bad in the world was contributing to my sadness and anxiety. I can manage to increase my anxiety all on my own I don’t need any help.

Intentionally not watching or reading news can result in being out of touch or sync with current events. That rarely happens because news is distributed and broadcast everywhere. Newspaper stands are designed to display the front page. Airport TV displays are at every gate and set to news stations. As I become aware of an event I will seek more information as needed.

I stopped watching the weather station because it reports much more than weather. I now use an app without advertisements to check on the weather. I also use Alexa to check the weather.

Recently I was introduced to a good news publication, “the Good Stuff” and have subscribed to it. Once a week I receive an email with highlights of the “good news”. You can also suggest stories and events for future publication.

It is good news only! Stories that make me laugh and smile and feel good. The stories that typically are not “news worthy” for regular viewing or publications.

Check it out! Consider subscribing if you want good news delivered to you.

I am smiling this morning!

HartFelt wishes for more “good news” in your life

2 thoughts on “If you are looking for good news…

  1. Hi Jamie! I stopped watching the news years ago and I so agree it has made such a difference. And I also get people asking me how I can keep up with what is going on in the world if I don’t watch it…and like you I tell them that it’s impossible to miss if it is really important. That’s because it is EVERYWHERE! But by choosing what I pay attention to, I can filter out the worst details of it. After all, why do we need to be shown over and over certain things? Anyway I’m pretty picky about what I pay attention to but I AM going to check out that website “The Good Stuff.” Thanks for the recommendation! ~Kathy


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