Got to have girlfriends

I moved to my current home almost 10 years ago. It is the type of neighborhood where we care about one another, watch out for each other and get together a few times a year. We have become good friends. Shortly after I moved here, the women started  “ladies night outs” or “ins”.  We have gone to movies, dinners, movie & dinners, potlucks and even a “UFO Night”. I organized that event. “UFO” for “unfinished object”. You brought a craft or project you wanted to learn or needed to finish. We relaxed with food and laughs while working on the tasks. Not everyone brought a craft that night, we had a teacher correcting papers and another addressing holiday cards. It was the companionship, support and encouragement that makes our events and friendships makes so very special.

Friendships deepened over the years. Some have moved away yet we still stay in touch. New neighbors are encouraged to join us and have done so. We have watched children and grandchildren grow, been there for one another in tough times and in happy times. We find gifts in our mailboxes that have been hand-made. There have been long periods when we don’t see one another except to wave but emails and Facebook keep us connected.

A night-out this past spring was dinner at Jocelyn’s Restaurant in Salem NH. It is difficult to find a day/time that works for all of us. One of us had to work that night and we still managed to find a solution to that dilemma. You see, she owns Jocelyn’s Restaurant and was able to join us for a little while.

And we laughed and laughed! Caught up with news that did not make Facebook.  The genuine care for one another is what makes our friendships special. And I am very grateful I made that move 10 years ago.

“Hartfelt Wishes” of gratitude for the friendships I have made over the past 10 years.

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